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Daniel Webster Lyon, Architect

Serving Southern Connecticut since 1969

Our office (overhang) faces Center Street, our home (porch), Simpson Avenue

Life changing? Starting a business? 

Are you looking for ideas? Have a project in

 mind, but don't know where to start? Wondering 

if you need an architect? Already getting started 

and the town says you need an architect? Whatever

 the reason, thanks for checking in with the 

neighborhood architect. Here for you.

From our combined home and office in Wallingford, we provide creative design and solutions, sensitive to context and budget, and we value the relationships built during the process. It's something said with a certain amount of pride, tempered by astonishment at the passage of time.

Our portfolio captures an array of accomplished projects: additions, renovations, new homes, in-law and accessory apartments, storage buildings, wineries, multi-family housing, solutions to all sorts of architectural conundrums, adaptive reuse, industrial buildings, retrofits, commercial parks, retail establishments, garages, outbuildings, greenhouses, barns, office suites, worship spaces, condominiums, factories, indoor squash and basketball courts, salons. There's more. What do you have in mind?

The design part of the process is the most engaging, but there can be so much more to the process of building: town and state requirements can be confusing and time consuming, finding an experienced builder right for you and your project can be a quest. There can be site concerns. Existing structure concerns. You can benefit from relationships we've developed with field-related professionals and tradespeople throughout the decades we've been in business.

We invite you to give us a call or email [email protected] to ask your questions without obligation. And if someone has referred you to us, please let us know that so we can thank them for their endorsement.